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Combining Western Herbs, Chinese Medicine, and Phytopharmacology: Treating Exhaustion and Emotional disorder


This course is suitable for practitioners with a basic understanding of the organ syndromes according to Chinese medicine – doctors, acupuncture practitioners, Western herbalists, or Chinese herbalists. No prior training in Western or Chinese herbal medicine is required.

Jeremy Ross will demonstrate his new system of diagnosis and treatment, based on the four qi imbalances. This system makes choice of single herbs and herb combinations easier. Participants will learn how to use the new free downloads for the four imbalances system.

Jeremy will discuss the following aspects of exhaustion and emotional disorders:

  • types of exhaustion, including:
    • exhaustion from emotional disorders
    • chronic fatigue syndrome
    • burnout
    • exhaustion from drug side effects
  • symptoms
  • differentiation from related disorders
  • etiology
  • conventional medicine treatment
  • self-help
  • Chinese medicine differential diagnosis
    • in terms of 4 Imbalances
    • in terms of Chinese organ syndromes
  • Western herbs for exhaustion
    • herb comparisons
    • herbs that cause exhaustion
  • Western herb combinations
    • how to modify combinations
    • combination comparisons

20 Herb Combinations

Jeremy will discuss in detail combinations for these exhaustion and emotional disorders:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome group
    • chronic fatigue + cold sensations
    • fibromyalgia + heat sensations
    • multiple chemical sensitivities
  • Exhaustion and emotional disorders
    • burnout from excessive ambition*
    • burnout from overenthusiasm*
    • burnout from excessive anger*
    • exhaustion from excessive worry
    • exhaustion from grief and withdrawal

*2 combos for each of these: one for prevention and one for treatment

  •  Exhaustion and Phlegm
    • exhaustion + mental dullness
  • Exhaustion + anemia
    • colitis + anemia
    • amenorrhea + anemia from malnutrition
    • menorrhagia + anemia
  • Exhaustion from drug side-effects
    • post corticosteroid exhaustion
    • beta-blocker exhaustion
    • geriatric drug-induced loss of co-ordination
  • Exhaustion and recurring infection
    • post-febrile exhaustion
    • recurring infections + repeated antibiotics
    • recurring candida infections

Immediate use: Participants can use these combinations in the clinic immediately after this course, and are given full details for safe and effective use.


<Ross, Jeremy

Jeremy Ross

Über Jeremy Ross

Jeremy Ross has a BSc in biology from the University of Birmingham, specializing in plant physiology and biochemistry. He graduated from the National Institute of Medical Herbalists UK in 1982, and gained a doctorate in acupuncture from the British College of Acupuncture in 1985. In 1988 he completed a two-year training in Chinese herbal medicine with Ted Kaptchuk, followed by further training at the International College in Nanjing, China. After 17 years of clinical practice in Bristol, England, he practiced for 10 years in Seattle, USA, and in 2004 returned back to Bristol. For 25 years, Jeremy Ross has specialized on the integration of Western Herbs, Chinese Medicine, and Phytopharmacology. He is the author of three textbooks on this topic.



Anfang:  05-10-2018
Ende:  07-10-2018
Zeit:  Fr.–So., 9:00–17:00 Uhr
Ort:  Chiway Academy
Sprache:  Englisch
Kosten:  650,-
Lernzeit:  21 h
Kategorie:  Chinesische Arzneitherapie
Anerkennung:  SBO-TCM

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