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Emotional Body Armouring


Starting quite early in life, most of us develop a strategy to deal with difficult emotional experiences by a set of “holding patterns” serving us as a defence mechanism. These chronic muscular tensions, called “Body Armours”, persist into adulthood and even become like a “second nature”. The “Body Armours” operate below the level of awareness and feed on our vital energy and are often responsible for a number of organic disturbances and pathologies.

In this workshop we explore:

  • Description of the “Body Armours”: segments of organised defence mechanism involving groups of Jingjin-sinew channels
  • Causative factors: repeated emotional traumas
  • Psycho-somatic consequences: Qi and Blood stasis in a specific area and related pathologies
  • Exploring various liberating methods:
    • Acupuncture: Overview of local points and related Sinew channels; mention of Luo channels and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels as therapeutic possibilities
    • Emphasis on specific exercises, Qigong, visualization and meditation techniques as well as specific breathing methods for the liberation of each holding pattern
    • Mental cultivation and somatic integration


<Montakab, Solange

Solange Montakab

Über Solange Montakab

Solange Montakab was the co-founder of the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts and co-author of “Acupuncture for Insomnia” as well as “Chinese Medicine Revisited” in which she shares her insights and experience in an inspiring chapter “The cultivation of the Mind”.



Anfang:  14-07-2018
Ende:  15-07-2018
Zeit:  Sa./So., 9:00–17:00 Uhr
Ort:  Chiway Academy
Sprache:  Englisch
Kosten:  450,-
Lernzeit:  14h
Kategorie:  Akupunktur
Anerkennung:  SBO-TCM

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