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Essential Oils for Respiratory Wellness


Essential oils have been used for millennia in the treatment of various disorders and health and wellness treatment strategies. Much like the jing in the human body, a plant's jing or Essential oil is produced via specified glands and ducts within the body of the plants. Essential oils intrinsically constitute very powerful healing agents. As such, the olfactory sense lends itself to the quick introduction of therapeutics to the body. Essential oils have played a big role in the treatment of rst-line conditions, most importantly, respiratory conditions.

In this one-day class, Jeffrey Yuen will highlight the major qualities and therapeutic applications of essential oils for the treatment of a host of respiratory conditions. Topics covered will include basic theory, treatment strategies, specific oils and formulas, and treatment strategies for respiratory wellness.


<Yuen, Jeffrey

Master Jeffrey Yuen

Über Master Jeffrey Yuen

Jeffrey obtained his BA in mathematics from Brooklyn College and later studied Anthropology at Columbia University. He is an NCCAOM certified herbalist. Master J.C. Yuen is the inheritor of a long lineage of Taoist masters. He is the 88th generation master of "Yu Ching Lao Pai" ordained by Master Yu Wen and 26th generation of Chuan Chen Lung Men Pai ordained by Master Lu Xin Zu. He is very active in the fields of TCM, Taoism, Qi Gong and Tai Chi and currently the chairman of the Eastern US Taoist Association and the president of the International Tai Chi Institute, besides being adviser on the board of numerous other institutions. Since 1983 he has lectured extensively in America and has received several awards for his works in the field of health and TCM. His knowledge and expertise in the area of Classical Chinese Medicine is astounding, drawing not only on the classics but also on a very rich oral tradition directly inherited from his grandfather and master. Since 1983 he has been lecturing extensively in America and has received several awards for his work in the field of health and TCM. ( 2000, Jeffrey has been a regular lecturer at the Academy.



Anfang:  09-11-2018
Ende:  09-11-2018
Zeit:  Fr., 9:00–17:00 Uhr
Ort:  –
Sprache:  Englisch
Kosten:  290,-
Lernzeit:  7 h
Kategorie:  Oils
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