Lillian Pearl Bridges

Lillian Pearl Bridges originally learned Facial Diagnosis,  Feng Shui, Five Element Theory and Taoist Philosophy apprenticing with her Chinese mother’s family.  She has a degree in psychology from UCLA and has spent over 20 years researching information from ancient texts and correlating them to Western studies in psychology, medicine, psycho-neuro-immunology, ergonomics, design and colour.
As a Professor of Oriental Medicine, she has brought Facial Diagnosis back to the field and is an accredited instructor for doctors, nurses and acupuncturists. She is the author of Face Reading in Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui Anthology. Lillian is an internationally recognized and acclaimed speaker, teacher and author, through her lectures, she delivers her knowledge and keen sense of observation with great wit and enthusiasm. In the past few years, Lillian has been one of the most acclaimed lecturers in most symposiums and seminars in the USA and Europe.  (

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