Pediatric Acupuncture and Tuina with Dr. Elisa Rossi

Study pediatric acupuncture with one of Europe’s leading Chinese medicine pediatricians, Dr. Elisa Rossi.

This course trains acupuncturists in the special field of pediatrics. In this six-day program, students will study and practice the application of Tuina and acupuncture for all common childhood illnesses. Dr. Elisa Rossi is an experienced pediatric acupuncturist and author of «Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine».

Course Content

Module 1: Pediatric Tuina Basics

  • Specific topics of physiology, etiology, semiotics, and pathogenesis in children. Paediatric Tuina technique, localization of related lines and points and a lot of practice. Differentiation of the main clinical patterns and treatment strategies for common childhood problems such as common cold, cough, fever, infant abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, poor appetite, lassitude, night crying.

Module 2: Pediatric Tuina and Related Techniques

  • Review of the examination and treatment of children, focusing on complex patterns, such as hyperactivity and attention deficit, atopic eczema, retarded psycho-physical development. Use of Gua Sha, moxibustion, cupping, seven-star needle in children. Discussion of case histories or actual treatments of little patients. Training in how to teach Tuina sequences to parents.

Module 3: Pediatric Acupuncture

  • Needling children: How to relate to babies, toddlers and older children. How to communicate with their parents. How to insert needles and stimulate qi. How to choose the correct number of needles and decide on the length of time and frequency of treatment. How to deal with our worries, fears and doubts. Differentiation and treatment of the main clinical patterns, focusing on acupuncture. Discussion of case histories or actual treatments of little patients.


  • Teacher: Dr. Elisa Rossi
  • Language: English
  • Dates: 11./12.11.2017; 02./03.12.2017; 13./14.01.2018
  • Times: Sa./So., 9:00–17:00 Uhr
  • Length: 42 Hours
  • Place: Chiway AG, Unterer Graben 1, 8400 Winterthur
  • Anerk.:
  • Cost: CHF 1390.–
 for Pediatric Acupuncture and Tuina

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