Stagnation and Release

with Peter Firebrace

After over thirty years of practice and study in Chinese medicine, Peter Firebrace realized that one of the major subjects in our practice is stagnation, which has many forms and faces. Can we in our clinic see people who are completely free of stagnation if there is illness involved? Most people would answer no.

If all the channels are open, illness resolves by itself. From the turning stars above us, the cycles of nature around us to the workings of our own bodies within us, the importance of movement and flow has always been emphasized in Chinese philosophy and medicine.

In pathology there are many kinds of stagnation, of blockage and obstruction, slowing and even stopping qi and blood circulation, affecting different areas of the body and different parts of the body’s structure, including the functioning of the organs. This can lead to a wide variety of physical symptoms, which this course will look at. Emotionally there can be feelings of separation, isolation, frustration and depression, a feeling of being left in some backwater, while the world moves on without you. Some need the rooting of the kidneys and the stilling of the heart, some the freeing of the surging power of the liver and the awakening of the exacting nature of the gallbladder, some the loosening of the caged tiger of the lungs, some the developing of the focussed intent of the yi and the releasing of the hun that were born to fly, so that tong pain, becomes tong free communication and health is restored.

The crystallization and gelling of unresolved patterns of obstruction and stagnation can lead to chronic illness and even death. Through treatment we restore circulation, unblocking obstruction, moving from stagnation to release. Blending the practical wisdom of the inner alchemy tradition with the immense resource of Chinese medicine, this important subject is explored in the course, including cases and key acupuncture points for treatment. 


  • Teacher: Peter Firebrace
  • Language: English
  • Dates: 30.09./01.10.2017
  • Times: Sa./So., 9:00–17:00 Uhr
  • Length: 14 Hours
  • Place: Chiway Ag, Unterer Graben 1, 8400 Winterthur
  • Accr.:
  • Cost: CHF 450.–
 for Stagnation and Release

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