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Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture


Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture, discovered in the 1970’s by a Chinese neurologist, Dr. Zhang Xinshu, is a quick and painless subcutaneous form of acupuncture. Surprising results are seen from the very beginning. It takes less than five seconds to check the effectiveness. We will study the location of all six zones of the body, as well as the twelve points used for stimulation: six at the wrists and six at the ankles, hence the technique's original name: Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture. These points are easy to locate and can be effectively used in a wide variety conditions.

In this course, we will also describe how to determine the treatment that best suits each case, whether performed on its own or with other treatment techniques. We will comment on clinical trials published on a range of subjects including pain management, inflammation, scarring and nervous system regulation.


<Carrion, Josep

Josep Carrion

Über Josep Carrion

Josep Carrion is a licensed TCM practitioner and a graduate in nursing. He has more than 25 years of practice in private and public clinics, as well as a therapist in professional sport national clubs, including the F.C. Barcelona. To preserve the purity of the art and technicus of Wrist and Ankle acupuncture, Josep Carrion was trained, evaluated and “blessed” by Professor Dr. Huang Li Ming, a direct student of Dr. Zhang, to Teich Wrist and Ankle acupuncture



Anfang:  03-03-2018
Ende:  04-03-2018
Zeit:  Sa./So., 9:00–17:00 Uhr
Ort:  Chiway Academy
Sprache:  Englisch
Kosten:  450,-
Lernzeit:  14 h
Kategorie:  Akupunktur
Anerkennung:  SBO-TCM

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